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Subject: Software to send sms from computers to mobiles for free
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Post at 1-8-2008 11:31 PM Profile Blog P.M.

Software to send sms from computers to mobiles for free

Agile Telecom permits companies and individuals to send SMS messages from their PC to mobile phones.

Standard SMS, Flash SMS, Operator Logos, Ring Tones, Screensavers, Picture Messages and Unicode SMS can all be sent to over 500 operators worldwide.

Agile Telecom is directly connected to Italian operators in order to guarantee the best possible quality of service. Connections are also extended to 15 other highly reliable international gateways in roaming. The system is continuously monitored in order to guarantee the instant delivery of each SMS message.

Using UltraSMS software
This software is provided free of charge and is recommended for most users. It permits users to:
Send SMS with a custom sender number or text
Send multiple and deferred flash SMS
Type SMS quickly using a keyboard
Save up to 80% compared with usual operators
Send single SMS or entire contact lists with one ######

Whatever the business, small or large, this free software permits users to send SMS to individual numbers or collectively to a numbers list with a few simple **.

Download Link

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Post at 1-5-2011 06:11 PM Profile P.M.

let me try this


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