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Subject: Assassins Creed 3D - Smartphone Games
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Assassins Creed 3D - Smartphone Games

Assassin's Creed has been out for a while on mobile, and as you'll know if you read our review, it's a rather fine 2D platformer.

However, Gameloft has now released a revamped 'HD' version of the game, offering proper 3D graphics for handsets capable of displaying them. Check out the screenshots above: they look lovely.

Otherwise, it's similar to the 2D version. You run, jump and climb through 23 levels, split between four cities: Damascus, Jerusalem, Masyaf and Acre.

You'll be slaying enemies with combo moves and sneaky kills, while also testing your pickpocket skills nicking precious items from unwary citizens. There'll be a choice of six weapons too, including swords, daggers, grappling hooks and bombs.

The game's available now, although make sure you've got a decent data plan if you're downloading it off-portal, since these HD games are pretty sizeable.
Assassins Creed 3D (OS8)
Assassins Creed 3D (OS9)

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great game man


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